International Partnership Conference 15.-16. September.       Nkr 3875,-
Includes 2 day conference, Accommodation 15.-16. September,
2 lunches and one dinner. Thon hotel Arena Lillestrøm, Norway.

International Partnership Conference,  one day                          Nkr 1500,-
15. September : Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills
16. September: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
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Reception 14. September, at 1900.                                                     Nkr 650,-
Thon Hotel Arena, Lillestrøm.

Extra Accommodation: 14.-15. September.                                       Nkr 1195,-

Studyvisit 1: Kuben Yrkesarena. – half day                                      Nkr. 425,-
Studyvisit 2: Mailand upper secondary school. -half day            Nkr. 425,-
Studyvisit 3: Teach the kids to code. – half day                              Nkr. 425,-
Studyvisit 4: Oslo Cancer Cluster                                                      Nkr. 425,- 
Studyvisit 5: Arbeidsinstitutt in Buskerud (AIB)  -half day+       Nkr. 625,- 
Studyvisit 6: Kongsberg Technology Traing Center                        Nkr. 825,-
and FMC Technologies. -full day

An invoice will be sent after you finish your registration.