Teach the kids to code

There is growing recognition worldwide that schools should teach programming (“coding”) and informatics, disciplines that are not part of the classic school curriculum.
In Norway this has resulted in the establishment of a network of volunteers called “Lær kidsa koding” (LKK, literally “teach the kids to code”).
The network comprises people from the IT business along with teachers, parents and university students. LKK offers various forms of support to schools wishing to introduce programming to their students. A significant amount of teaching material has been developed or translated into Norwegian, and has been made freely available online.
Schools are offered specific advice on how to introduce coding into existing curricula on all levels from afterschool programs to secondary school.
Teachers exchange experiences and get advice through an online forum.  LKK volunteers also run “Code clubs” as extracurricular activities in schools.
We will visit one of the schools that have introduced coding into their teaching with support from LKK.