Kuben Yrkesarena *

Kuben Yrkesarena is so much more than a school. It is a professional arena for trainees, students and employees. It houses 4 separate entities under one roof: Kuben upper secondary school, Oslo Technical school, Apprentice Center for the Building Trades and  Kuben Technology center.

Kuben’s goals are to educate tomorrow’s best vocational workers and to be a frontrunner in school development and professional collaboration with the industry.
Its objectives are to meet the needs of future labor and skills and to increase recruitment to vocational training. Kuben also wants to contribute to more students making the right career choices and successfully complete education and training

Kuben Upper Secondary School offers the following vocational programs:  Building and construction,
Design, arts and crafts, Electricity and electronics, Healthcare, childhood and youth development, ICT service, Technical and industrial production, General studies
Kuben aims to have good cooperation with business, universities and colleges. Kuben has close cooperation with the several branches/industries:

Kuben build cooperation with these industries through its Course and Technology Center. Kuben Course and Technology center (KKT) is a modern, progressive and preferred courses and training venue for businesses and individuals in and around Oslo with expertise in the areas of technology.
Upon visiting Kuben Yrkesarena, one will have the chance to meet all department leaders and hear success stories created through our close cooperation with industry.