PRE-conference studyvisits, 14. September 2016

We offer 3 different preconference studyvisits
Wednesday 14. September 2016.

The studyvisits are all related to the subthemes of the Conference:
* Youth Employability Skills.
** Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills
*** Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The costs of the studyvisits are:  
Studyvisit 1 and 3 – Nkr. 425,-  ( half day )
Studyvisit 6 – Nkr. 825;-  ( full day )

Studyvisit 1: Kuben Yrkesarena *
Kuben upper secondary school, Oslo Technical school, Apprentice Center for the Building Trades and  Kuben Technology center.

Studyvisit 3: Teach the kids to code ***
A network of people from IT businesses, teachers, parents and university students with one goal: to teach the kids to code.

Studyvisit 6:
Kongsberg Technology Traing Center and FMC Technologies
. *,***
and a visit to Kongsberg Silver Mine.