The IPN would like to invite the submission of papers to be presented at the IPN2016 conference.

Presentations will be accepted around the following conference themes:

  • Youth Employability Skills
  • Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

There will be opportunities for practitioners to present short papers on their work that is related to one of the themes of the conference. These abstracts will be reviewed by the conference committee and presented at the “café conversations”.(Ten minutes round table presentations with a small group of people followed by a group discussion; repeated several times in the same session).

Proposals for these presentations should have the following components:

  1. Theme
  2. Background
    • When did the project start up and what was the purpose?
    • What are its design and process features?
  3. Partnerships
    • Who are the partners and how are they engaged?
    • Who benefits from the partnership?
    • In what ways do they benefit?
  4. Conclusions: lessons learned, successes and challenges
    • How successful do you think you are being?
    • What do you base your judgement of success on?
    • What challenges lie ahead for you?

The deadline for submission of presentations is 15th July 2016.

Please submit them to